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Plastics recycling guarantor in Finland

Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd is the authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
More than 2.500 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 39 owner companies.

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Newsletters from the Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd.

In September 2022, the Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd. – often shortened SUM – started sending newsletter summaries to its contractual partners, stakeholders and other readers. Summaries of Finnish-language news are compiled for English-speaking readers and as well for Swedish-speaking readers.

You can order a newsletter summary in English to be sent to your email here:

January 2023

December 2022

November 2022

September 2022

In addition to newsletters, we also communicate directly with, for example, our terminal partners with their own bulletins. You will find our contact details at the bottom left of our website.

More packaging returned for recycling – together!

The CEOs review 1 2023 here

With our Christmas donation, we support the activities of the John Nurminen Foundation to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage. Make a donation to the Baltic Sea: